Anna airy


The story of the life and work of 

Anna Airy, one of the few women war artists  in Britain during the early 20th century and President of the Ipswich Art Society for almost 20 years. 

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Author Andrew Casey throws a light on the breadth of her work from depictions of nature and the everyday lives of working people to her work as one of the first female war artists.


The encouragement of young artists was very important to her and her continuing legacy is the Anna Airy Award, established to support young artists  from 16 - 20 years old.

The Anna airy award winners exhibition catalogue

The Anna Airy Award Winners Exhibition Catalogue

The Anna Airy Award Winners Exhibition Catalogue

The Anna Airy Award Winners Exhibition Catalogue

Anna Airy was the first woman president of the Ipswich Art Society, having been elected in 1945. She served for almost 20 years until her death in 1964. Shortly afterwards, the Anna Airy Award was established to continue her great work in encouraging younger artists.

The Anna Airy Award Winners Exhibition Catalogue

The Anna Airy Award Winners Exhibition Catalogue


Digital Perspective by Maria Balanuca

Anna Airy Award Winner 2016

The Anna Airy Award Winners Exhibition Catalogue


Tree, Norwegian Spruce form by Jevan Watkins Jones

Anna Airy Award Winner 1993


A Gentleman of the Road by George Hunt

Anna Airy Award Winner 2017

The Exhibition is now a high profile event showcasing the outstanding work produced by students in local schools and colleges. This catalogue by Andrew Casey and Jan Watson acknowledges the past winners of the Award and highlights the work of 18 past winners showing in the exhibition.

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The annual Airy Award Exhibition continues to flourish thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Arts Society South East Suffolk (the local branch of the organisation formerly known as the National Society of Decorative and Fine Arts (NADFAS)). In 2018 the Arts Society South East Suffolk celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and this year's exhibition will be a focus for their Golden Jubilee celebrations.

the Ipswich art society gift collection

Colin Moss

An illustrated book by Andrew Casey with artists' biographies published to celebrate the gift of 35 works to the Ipswich Museum. 

£4.99 ( £3.99 for Members and Friends).

Malcolm Mosely

This collection of works by past and present members began in 1980 and had grown to 35 by 1993 when it was gifted to Ipswich Museum for safekeeping and public display.

Arnoldus de Soet

Artists represented include  Leonard Squirrell, Harry Becker,  Anna Airy, Cor Visser, Bernard Reynolds, Judith Foster, Colin Moss, Malcolm Mosely and Arnoldus de Soet.

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