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Mark Beesley

Artist's Statement Most of my paintings are landscapes, but it is a particular aspect of the landscape that interests me; the balance between the natural and the artificial, the effect that the imposition of man-made patterns and structures has on our natural surroundings. This is particularly evident in the landscape of East Anglia. I try to express the incongruous, sometimes disturbing quality of these effects, and their underlying abstract forms.

CV Self-taught painter. Higher diploma in design and illustration in 1985. One-man shows in 1993, 1997, 2004 and 2009. Work chosen for inclusion in 'On the Border' at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich in 1998 and 'This Flat Earth' at Firstsite, The Minories, Colchester in 2000. Work in private collections in UK and USA where work reproduced for publications by Shell WindEnergy and Journal of American Planning. Recent work can be seen at the Re+New Gallery, The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. I also teach adult education classes in art history.

I have recently completed a commission (right) for a painting about Ipswich from the Two Rivers Medical Centre. The work hangs in the new medical centre on Woodbridge Road built for two existing Ipswich surgeries which are amalgamating and expanding. The painting contrasts the old and the modern aspects of Ipswich. The painting is based on views from the roof of the Willis building. It is not a literal view of the town but an impression, emphasising  the streets and buildings which give Ipswich its unique character – the medieval churches, the university building, the Mill, the Unitarian meeting house and of course, the Orwell bridge. The aim was to contrast the old centre of the town with the irregular nature of its old timber-framed buildings within the medieval street plan and the new, high-rise skyline of the waterfront area. Details of the painting have been enlarged, printed onto vinyl and incorporated into the interior design of the building.

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Oil on board, 2016