1. Early Days

2. In High Street

3. Special Exhibitions

4. End Of An Era

5. End Of An Era 2

6. New Beginnings

7. Consolidation

8. ART at St Nicholas

9. Postscript

7 Consolidation

Myra Finch, a Friend of the Society, was elected to Chair the Society's Executive Committee in 1996. After a few months of getting to know its workings she concentrated on raising awareness of the Society through increased publicity and on communication with the membership. This resulted, by April 1999, in an increase of over 33% in the number of Members and Friends.


With the arrival of Richard Pinkney on the Committee in the autumn of 1997, a more ambitious programme of events was undertaken. In 1998, as well as the Anna Airy Award Exhibition and the Annual Open Exhibition, he arranged a show of members' water-colours at the Haste Gallery. This at the invitation of the proprietor Jack Haste, himself once an exceptionally long serving Secretary of the Art Club. An exhibition of drawings by Members and Friends followed at the Steeple End Gallery in Halesworth. This was the first time the Society had ever ventured beyond the Borough boundary to show. It attracted such approval that it is hoped it may become a regular event. The Print Fair was reinstated in 1999 and a commitment by the Society was entered into to hold biennially a sculpture/3D exhibition and an invitation show besides the existing regular events.

The Society had taken the plunge in 1996 and acquired a computer and printer which enabled the Committee to raise its typographical standards generally and in particular revive the Newsletter thereby keeping the membership regularly informed of the Committee's activities and aspirations, circulating news and views whilst promoting the forthcoming programme of events.